Our Team

Carol Tezuka

Intercultural and Corporate Trainer and Coach. Has proficiency in several languages, has extensive experience living abroad, for the past two decades has lived in Europe, North America, South America and currently living in Asia. Has been working for broadcasting companies, corporations and Ministries.


PhD. Reinhard Vogelmann

German and English interpreter, teacher, translator, director and owner of Consultório de Idiomas.


Alexi Yuzo

Brilliant writer, poet and musician is our English, Spanish and Portuguese translator.


Josias Machado 

Experienced French teacher, interpreter and translator, has lived in Belgium for 12 years and Switzerland for 5 years.


Igor Barca

Italian, French, English and Portuguese teacher and translator. Holds BA in Languages, Has lived in the USA and France. Has taught Portuguese for foreigners at Université de Nantes.


Raghvendra Gupta

Hindi and English interpreter, editor and translator. Holds BA in Accounting. Educated in India, currently living in Japan. Our regional sales manager in Japan and India.


Tseng Ching-Chieh

Chinese interpreter, translator and editor from Taiwan.


Ali Zie

BA in Pharmaceutical Sciences, experience in Arabic, English, Japanese translation and interpretation. Has lived in Egypt and now is living in Japan.


Joséphine Vejrich

Our Scandinavian translator and interpreter, was born in Finland, raised and educated in Sweden.


Ana Carolina Alves Wanderely 

Master in Translation, English teacher, translator, interpreter. Educated in England. Owner of Park Idiomas Pinheiros. Regional sales manager in Sao Paulo.


Javiera Silva Abalos

Journalist, Spanish interpreter, translator and editor. Has lived in Chile, Austria, currently living in Brazil.


Franklin Andrade de Lima

Holds a BA in Languages, English and Portuguese translator and interpreter. Expert in books


Nguyen Vu Thanh Vy

Vietnamese,  lives in Italy, has over 5 years of experience as marketing researcher in an international market research company and 2 years as a freelance translator. Italian, English and Vietnamese interpreter and translator.


Nguyen Huu Minh

Born in Vietnam, lives in Italy for 35 years, speaks Italian and Vietnamese as mother language. Italian, English and Vietnamese interpreter and translator.


Gloria Valiente

Spanish, English interpreter and translator from Mexico, lives in the US. has over ten years of experience. Our regional sales manager in Mexico and the US.


Edward Kenneth

Our experienced Tagalog and English interpreter and translator.




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